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Exegesis of the Soul - Complete Album on MP3-CD


Besant Lodge Stained Glass
A Gnostic Story of the Soul

Seven Lectures, 8.6 Hours, $41.50.  Album 1010

These titles are included in this album:

Origin and Predicament of the Soul:  The soul in earthly captivity; its maltreatment by the lower worldly forces. Having descended to a lower plane, the soul undergoes suffering and alienation.  Running time 78:26.

Help on the Way for the Soul:  The soul begins to recognize its own predicament and calls upon the supernal help of its spiritual parent-principle.  Running time 78:04.

Purification of the Soul:  The soul becomes purified by turning from its extraverted fascination with the world toward its own interior resources.  Running time 76:06.

The Soul in the Bridal Chamber:  The soul waits for the celestial bridegroom and enters the consciousness of union.  Running time 71:33.

The Soul's Rejuvenation:  The soul recovers its original power by uniting with its higher Self in the Bridal Chamber.  Running time 64:14.

The Sincere Prayers of the Soul:  The soul ascends to its original habitat. Its consummation of the Sacred Marriage is not an ending but a beginning of a new consciousness.  Running time 70:51.

Other Gnostic Teachings about the Soul:  Cognate statements about the soul, including the myth of Amor and Psyche and a number of scriptures from Nag Hammadi.  Running time 74:39.

Symbolism of the Mass:  Jung and the Eucharist.  Running time 42:12.  From album 1002.
Mary Magdalene:  Magnet for Controversy.  Running time 56:59.  From album 1004.
Secret Sayings of YeSu:  An Unknown Gospel of Jesus?  Running time 59:07.  From album 1008.
Carl Gustav Jung:  Wisdom Beyond Psychology.  Running time 71:51.  From album 2001.
Islam, Christianity & Fundamentalism.  Running time 82:55.  From album 6001.
The Dream:  The Vision of the Night  Running time 72:18.  From album 2004.
The Gnostic Gospel of Judas.  SubTitle  Running time 39:11.  From album 1011.

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