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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MP3 audio file?

Okay, most people have this figured out. But if you are new to internet audio, here is an explanation. MP3 is the very popular digital format for audio. Smartphones, iPads, DVD players, Audio CD players, and all computers can play MP3 recordings. By using audio compression technology the MP3 format can squeeze lots of high quality audio into a very small file. With the MP3 digital format, it is possible to place many hours of high-quality audio into a format that can be downloaded in a few minutes.

By using MP3 audio format, BC Recordings is able to provide single lectures, or several hours of lectures in downloadable "sets of lectures" that cover a topic, and make them available for immediate download. Of course, we can also still provided the lecture collections shipped on a CD.

How do I download a file?

Upon purchase of a lecture, your membership account will add the title to your "Recent Orders" list.  Click "My Account" then click "Recent Orders", then click "View".  The most recent order appears at the top of the list.  Just click the "Download" link and the download will begin. In PC, a "right-click" will enable you to choose the download destination in your hard drive.  Downloaded files are delivered in a sort of "envelope" which is the "Zip file" format.  To listen to the lecture you will need to first extract the audio file from this zip archive.

What is a "Zip file"?

A Zip file is a special way of packaging files for transport. The file you download will be a Zip file, and this "envelope" contains your audio mp3 file and any additional files that may be part of the presentation. To open the package using all newer Apple and Windows computers all you need to do is click on the Zip file -- it will open just like a directory folder and give you access to the lecture MP3. You may "extract" or copy the file from the Zip file to another folder if you wish. On iPads and Smartphones, you will need an app that opens Zip files; there are many different apps that do this.

How long does it take to download a lecture?

Each singe lecture is between 10 and 16 MB in size. Download time for a single lecture is usually much less than a minute on a broadband (DSL or Cable) internet connection. Lecture collections, with multiple lectures, usually download in a few minutes.

What if I have trouble downloading a file?

When you purchase a downloadable file, the system provides 5 download "events" over a three year period from the time of purchase to obtain the file. If you have any problems completing the file download, you can request that the count be reset for more download opportunities.  MOST PROBLEMS reported are due to the MP3 file being left in the Zip archive while trying to transfer to listening devices.  For example, trying to import the Zip file directly into iTunes will fail.  iPads will need the "app" for opening Zip archives.

Very seldom is there a problem, but if you do have problems, contact us and will try to help!

How do I listen to a lecture?

The lectures are in "MP3" format. Almost any computer, smartphone, iPad, or iPod can play MP3 files.

Most Audio CD players can also handle MP3 files on a CD. Newer car audio systems can also play MP3 files on CD, and DVD players also play them (using your television's speakers or your sound system if you have your DVD player as part of a "home theater" type setup). 

What computer software do I need to listen to an MP3?

All modern computers will already have MP3 audio software installed, and just about any such program will do the job. All you need to do is click on the MP3 and it should start playing.

For Windows or Mac, we suggest using iTunes to manage your audio files.

When do I listen to the lectures?

Okay, this may seem like a silly question.... But many people have found commuter time in the car to be a perfect opportunity for lecture listening. More than once we have been told, "the most interesting educational experience of my life came from listening to Dr. Hoeller's lectures during the commute to and from work every day."

What about copying and sharing the lectures?

As an appreciative member of Dr. Hoeller's audience, Bryan Campbell brought his professional recording skills and equipment to the lecture locations beginning in 1979 with the simple thought of preserving these very deserving lectures and saving them from oblivion. The immediate clamor for copies led to the inception of the publishing effort now known as BC Recordings. Your support of this publishing effort is deeply appreciated. Remember also that a generous royalty from sales is paid to Dr. Hoeller, as well as Bryan's continued direct support to Dr. Hoeller and The Gnostic Society in many many ways.

All lectures are copyrighted, and we kindly ask you respect that copyright. The lectures are not expensive to purchase. If you want to share, please buy another copy, or just refer your friends here to the store. And of course, we will always offer lectures for "free listening" here on this web site. Thank you for your interest in the fine works of Dr. Hoeller!

I do not like the lectures I purchased. Can I return them for a refund?

BC Recordings has never had a customer complaint regarding content, only the occasional issue with "hardware" -- and we certainly do not wish to have any dissatisfied customers. This is a personalized service, not a "big company" -- it is a one-man operation, and you can always contact Bryan Campbell personally about your order or this service.

If you have purchased an MP3-CD album that is technically flawed (unlikely, since every copy is checked), It will be promptly replaced. If you have purchased a downloadable lecture and are unable to complete the download, every effort will be made to help.

We cannot, however, offer refunds on shipped or downloaded items. We offer numerous free lectures. Please listen to a few of these before purchasing other items -- this will help you determine if the presentations by Dr. Hoeller are likely to fit your own interests. If there is still any issue to resolve, feel free to make contact , and any problem will be addressed.

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