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Recent Lecture Presentations

AltTitleForImage New from the Gnostic Society Lecture Schedule

Selections here are from the weekly lectures given by Dr. Stephan Hoeller at The Gnostic Society in Los Angeles.

PLEASE NOTE that current lectures may not appear here if the topic is already covered in the main collection. Also recent presentations may have moved into their respective categories in the main collection. Previous lectures can be found in the "Lecture Schedule Archive" section.

All lectures are provided in MP3 format for instant download. They can be listened to directly on your computer or loaded into your other MP3 playing devices of choice. - - Lecture series (complete sets only) can be or are available on various Flash drive options.
Each lecture is within 70 to 90 minutes in duration, a 12MB to 16MB file for "standard definition" versions (suitable for dialup service) or 25MB to 35MB file size for 'high definition" versions.

Past, present and even upcoming Future lectures can be viewed on the The Gnostic Society web page.

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