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Depth Psych & Jung's Red Book (DVD)

Depth Psychology, Jung and the Red Book

Four-Camera Video, illustrated with slides -- 96 minute DVD.


ImageNameImageNameIn this presentation to the Jung Club of Orange County in June 2009, held at Chapman University, Dr. Hoeller traces the root origins and the development of Depth Psychology all the way through to its watershed moment, the release of the Red Book in October 2009.

The Red Book documents Jung's visionary experiences which began around 1913. For over sixteen years, Jung worked transcribing his visions and images into a beautiful red leather-bound book -- the famous Red Book. Jung stated to the Dutch poet Roland Holst that his book on Psychological Types was written entirely on the basis of thirty pages from the Red Book.

ImageNameImageNameThe only archetypal imaginative material akin to the contents of the Red Book previously released to the public was the treatise "Seven Sermons to the Dead", written by Jung under visionary inspiration in January and February of 1916.

Dr. Hoeller's book "The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead" (1982) earned him a letter of thanks from Jung's son Franz in 1989, who described the book as representing Jung's position with faithful accuracy. An original copy of the Seven Sermons to the Dead (Septem Sermones ad Mortuos), privately printed by Jung, was sent as a gift to Dr. Hoeller by the late Franz Jung. The editor of the Red Book, Sonu Shamdasani, spoke with Dr. Hoeller regarding both of these works, and described them in this way: "If the Seven Sermons is like an island, then the Red Book is like a vast continent." Dr. Shamdasani has quoted Dr. Hoeller in the footnotes of The Red Book!

ImageNameIn this lecture Dr. Hoeller describes the content and background that are needed to begin the exploration of the "Red Book". The narrative moves from Mesmerism to Magnetic Healing and Hypnotism, from Theosophical and Spiritualist influences to Freud and Breuer, from the Jungian Mythologists to Jung and beyond him to his mystical teacher Philemon. This lecture is a must for all who are interested in C.G. Jung and his Red Book. Don't even dream of opening the Red Book without having experienced this presentation! (Of course, it should be remembered this lecture was given in the months prior to release of the Red Book -- and we now have further information about the book not available to anyone at the date of this lecture. Please see Dr. Hoeller's thirteen lecture series on the Red Book for further information and a superb guide to the Red Book's contents.)

A Presentation on DVD for $19.95, available both in NTSC format (America, Japan and other countries) and PAL format (European and other countries). PLEASE NOTE that this was recorded in NTSC video, and the PAL version is a derivative. Therefore if your DVD playback environment can accommodate NTSC, then choose it over PAL!

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