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Cathars & Templars: Medieval Gnosis

Mont seg ur Cathars and Templars:  Gnosis in Medieval Times:  The Ariadne's thread of Gnosis runs throughout time, and the Middle Ages saw a rich tapestry of manifestations, particularly the Cathars and the Knights Tempar, but also including Bogomils, Rhineland Mystics, Beguines and Troubadours.

The Cathars were the greatest flourishing of the Gnostic tradition since the eclipse of the Alexandrian and Manichaean Gnosis in the first few centuries A.D.  The eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries saw the activity of the large movement of Cathars ("pure ones") in what is now southwestern France.

Subsequent revivals of the Gnostic tradition in Europe were all related to the Cathars.  In these lectures the distinguishing features of the Cathar religion are shown as well as several generally unavailable scriptures are interpreted.

The Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem, founded in 1118 in Jerusalem and cruelly persecuted and suppressed in and after 1312, the Knights Templar became a mysterious, shadowy element associated with Occultism, Freemasonry, Magic and even with the legendry of the Holy Grail.  Dr. Hoeller unravels some of the Templar mystery, and shows its relationship to much contemporary fictional and semi-fictional literature.

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