The Wisdom Research of Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller

Magic and Divination

Magic and Divination Mantic and Transformational Arts:  Magic has been defined as the art of causing changes in nature (and in the mind) in accordance with will.  Gnostic wisdom sheds much insightful light on ancient and contemporary disciplines of natural magic and divine Theurgy.  Modern revivals of ancient magic, such as practiced by the Order of the Golden Dawn have brought new light to bear on this fascinating subject.

From beginnings of history humans have sought the advice of superhuman powers and called such practices by the name of Divination.  Contemporary insights, such as those of C.G. Jung have discovered the principle of Synchronicity as operative within divinatory practices.  In these talks Dr. Hoeller sheds light on the timeless value of both magic and divination from a Gnostic perspective.

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