The Wisdom Research of Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller

C.G. Jung, Wisdom and Gnosis (5)


The Wisdom of Carl Gustav Jung infinitely transcends psychotherapy, reaching the ultimate mysteries of the spirit.

C.G. Jung's quest took him to the Gnostics at a time when very few Gnostic writings were available, before the emergence of the great treasure trove of the Nag Hammadi library.  Jung had direct involvement in making the first codex from Nag Hammadi available to the world, and this codex became known as the "Jung Codex".

Alchemy also captured Jung's attention, and he was aware of it as a spiritual discipline, rather than just a chemical quest for gold.

These lecture sets by Dr. Hoeller explore and elucidate Jung's understandings of the human psyche, soul and spirit.

Carl Jung's "Red Book":  As author of "C.G. Jung & the Seven Sermons to the Dead", Dr. Hoeller's insights into Jung's Red Book begin now as he is exploring this previously unavailable material of C.G. Jung after its October 2009 release.  Dr. Hoeller's presentation on the Red Book was recorded on video and is now available:  "Depth Psychology, Jung and the Red Book".  Dr. Hoeller begian lecture presentations on the Red Book October 23rd 2009.  The full lecture schedule of these presentations can be found at The Gnostic Society.

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