The Wisdom Research of Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller

Gnosis, Gnostics, & Gnosticism (7)

Stephan A. Hoeller Those who were called "Gnostics": In the set "Sages of the Gnosis" one presentation each is devoted to the "People" of Gnosis, while in other sets we explore other Gnostics' profiles and scriptures as well.

In another set, we find that the early Christian Gnostics had an appreciation and understanding of the feminine side of spirituality not matched since, and this is found in "Divine Feminine in Gnosticism".

The magical ancient Christian Sacraments, instituted by Jesus are elucidated from a Jungian and Gnostic perspective in the set "Jung, Gnosis & The Sacraments".

Finally, smuggled away from the Chinese government in the 20th Century, a collection of unsubstantiated sayings attributed to Jesus, however having purely Gnostic qualities is the subject of "Secret Sayings of Jesu".

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