The Wisdom Research of Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller

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Download Passes good for 10 or 20 lectures (keep in mind that only ONE LECTURE at a time must be in your shopping cart at checkout) are available below. . . WHOA, the pass is not generated instantly by the system; but rather it is HAND MADE as soon as your purchase of a pass has been observed.

The pass was implemented for members who do not have access to, or do not wish to use, a credit card for online purchases -- but anyone expecting to be purchasing individual lectures on an occasional basis will find the at-once-payment arrangement convenient (and you may of course use a credit card to purchase your pass using PayPal).

When you purchase a Download Pass, we will email you a personal "Download Pass Code". To use the code, just add a lecture to your shopping cart, and at checkout enter your pass code as payment. Nothing more is needed. You will have immediate access to your download. Remember that you can use the pass for only ONE lecture per "checkout" -- if you are going to buy several lectures at a time, enter each to the cart "one at a time", checkout, and then enter the next lecture to the cart or consider purchases using the "Instant Discount Redemption Codes above.)

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