The Wisdom Research of Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller

Alchemy, the Great Art (3)

The Great Art Dr. Hoeller provides both introductory and in-depth explorations of "The Great Art" of Alchemy in these three sets of lectures.

The first set, "Jung and the Alchemists" brings us the new revelations regarding Jung's relationship to Alchemy as revealed in Jung's Red Book and the character and contributions of the great personages of Alchemy.

The second set brings focused talks on the principles of Alchemy, Paracelsus and Alchemical understandings of disease and healing.  There are also one-part explorations of the two great Alchemical treatises, "The Aurora Consergens" and the "Rosarium Philosophorum".

The third set is the in-depth exploration of these two treatises.  Also, the "Rosarium Philosophorum" consists of images which are provided in a web-page "slide show" to be viewed in your internet browser (for the "challenged", that's the same software bringing you these very words!) or any other method you might use to view jpeg images.

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